Animart is a leading urban hobbies company that started with previous retail experience and step up as distributor of today’s trading card games collectibles, and will expand to other hobbies area such as toys, games, comics, and other modern hobbies. Currently expanding in many functions, Animart set out to establish new concept of hobbies distribution, product targeting, event and retail chain management in the coming years.

Animart operations and activities, centered on establishing a healthy, creative, productive, and enjoyable community. 
We commited to bring what’s best for both company, stockholder, stakeholder, and customer as the main part of the community.

Our staff consist of professional that have been trained to be the best in their knowledge, passion, and service delivery 
toward our products. A high commitment and passion in the industries have made our staff become more adaptive in this 
age of competition.

As a result of this competitive advantage, Animart has been trusted as distributors of many well known products 
from best companies all around the world such as Magic: The Gathering from Hasbro, Vanguard - Buddyfight - 
Weiss Schwarz - Chaos - Luck and Logic from Bushiroad, Force of Will from Force of Will, Co., Ltd., BBB - Gundam Nex A - 
Gundam Duel Company - Gundam Cross War - Aikatsu Product from Bandai, Ultimate Guard, KMC Sleeves, Games Workshop, MegaCorp and still more in line. Now with 
hundreds of outlets as our main customers and thousands of members in communities, Animart still growing and 
set to have more and more competitive advantages and distinct concepts. Animart will reach the vision start from 
the strong basis and accomplished within a decade with superb mission.

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